A fun and creative way to re-use bottles and jars

Are you someone who saves a lot? Who doesn’t just throw something away? Why don’t you? Maybe because you know that you can do something with it, but you don’t really know what? No worry! There are lot of things what you can do with glass dropper bottles and apothecary jars. And it is not difficult at all. Do you want to know what you can make? Just keep reading.

Glass dropper bottles

With glass dropper bottles you can make a lot. You can turn many glass dropper bottles into a mini flower vase, for example. You can use one for sleek décor in a small place, or you can connect several bottles together to make a centerpiece. To make a mini flower vase from glass dropper bottles you need several things. First, you need to have glass dropper bottles. It is possible that you already have enough in house, but when you don’t have them, you can go to cosmetic bottles wholesale for glass dropper bottles. Those have plenty for a good price.

Second, you need a rope to fasten all the bottles together. What you also can use, but it is optional, is a glue gun. You can glue all the bottles together, so that when the rope comes loose, the jars stay together. You can also use it to glue te rope on the bottles.

Third, you need flower to put in at the end. You can choose all the flower you would love to. Then you know for sure you will make the right decision and that is of course what you want.

Apothecary jars

Moreover, you can re-use apothecary jars to make something beautiful. Normally you use an apothecary jar to hold spices, candies, cosmetics, accessories, holiday décor, and more. But with an apothecary jar you can make a lava lamp. The things you need to make a lava lamp are:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Effervescent tablet
  • Food color
  • Water
  • Transparent apothecary jar
  • (Optional a small flat lamp)

First you put sunflower oil into the apothecary jar until it is half full. Then you mix the food color with water in a different jar. The food color will not dissolve in oil. When you mix it, you can put it in the apothecary jar to. Wait for two different layers to appear. When you have two different layers you throw in an effervescent tablet. If you want your lava lamp to give light you must put a lamp behind or under it.