Should I choose palm oil?

Everyone has heard of palm oil. And there is certainly a lot to say about this product. Especially when we talk about its production, but also its use. On the one hand, companies mainly benefit from the use of palm oil and, on the other hand, customers benefit less from it. At least when we talk about edible products. When we ask the question whether or not we should use palm oil or products containing palm oil, we must first consider what it actually is.

How is it processed?

There are a number of steps that need to be initiated for the production of palm oil. But in essence, the palm fruit is needed for this. Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of the palm fruit. But this fact contains a black mark. To adequately provide for the production of palm oil, many palm trees are needed. In most cases, these are grown on a large field. But this entails that large swaths of forest are discarded. This is because virgin forests are not good for the environment. And that puts a more or less blemish on the production of palm oil.

In which products is Palm oil found?

Now that you know how Palm oil is produced, it is good to know which products contain it. It can immediately be indicated that there are many products that contain palm oil. There are so many palm oil products and there is a good chance that you have already eaten them. Palm oil is found in various edible products such as cookies, chips and various sauces. Are you a fan of Oreo cookies? Then you have probably absorbed a large amount of palm oil in your body because Oreo contains palm oil.

Is Palm Oil Healthy?

You now more or less know a thing or two about how palm oil is produced and in which products it occurs. But what is also important to know is whether palm oil is good for your health. What that is essentially the most important factor in the whole. Given that half of palm oil consists of saturated fat, it can be assumed that palm oil is not healthy. Saturated fats increase the cause of various cardiovascular diseases. Perhaps it is an option to use it to a much lesser extent or to opt for products with less palm oil. Then you know for sure you will make the right choice.