Have your dream motorcycle imported

Have you finally found the perfect motorcycle, but is it only available abroad? Don’t worry, by using motorcycle importers you will be the owner of the motorcycle of your dreams in no time. But what exactly do these importers do and how do they ensure that your motorcycle arrives in the Netherlands in one piece and safely? Read the information below carefully before you start working with a motorcycle importer, so that you are aware of what to expect!

Plan of approach: choose the right motorcycle importer!

When finding a suitable motorcycle importer, you have to take a number of things into account. First of all, a motorcycle will have to be officially registered. When purchasing, make sure that the importers must provide this, otherwise you run the risk of doing business with an unreliable party. Another important detail is that the price of an motorcycle is determined by the year of manufacture: the newer the motorcycle, the higher the load is likely to be. Keep this in mind when purchasing a motorcycle. If you go for an older model, it will probably be cheaper. In addition, there are several transport options: motorcycles can be delivered by road, sea or even by plane. Each option has a different price tag, the importer will advise you what the best option will be for you.

Have your documents in order for a smooth delivery

There are a number of important documents and information that you need to have to ensure that the import of your motorcycle goes as smoothly as possible. First, the motorcycle registration document is required, as indicated earlier. In addition, a list of all included parts is important, so you know exactly what you receive and you can report it if something is missing. Not to be forgotten is the official document of your purchase, which contains the details of the motorcycle importer as well as your own information. Importing a motorcycle is an exciting process, so make sure you at least have your affairs in order.

How do motorcycle importers work?

A motorcycle importer arranges the entire journey of your motorcycle, from shipment to delivery to your home. A good importer will do everything to move your motorcycle as safely as possible. In most cases, your bike will be placed in a container with other bikes. For added security, they can also be placed in wooden crates what makes the shipping a bit more safe.